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Stainless Steel Magnetic Jewelry

The power of a stainless steel magnetic jewelry is undeniable. Research has shown that magnetic jewelry can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and even help in the treatment of chronic pain. From those with arthritis to experienced athletes, the people who can benefit from the use of magnetic healing jewelry are many and varied. If you‘re considering the use of an alternative therapy for pain or for an overall sense of well being, consider our selection of magnetic jewelry to find the perfect magnetic jewelry for you.

Fashioned in a variety of styles and featuring north-facing, laser point neodymium magnets, our magnetic healing jewelry will never lose their strength. Not to mention, magnetic healing bracelets are ideal for everyday wear.

Cold Jewellery have over 1000 designs of magnetic jewelry, 316L surgical stainless steel material with highly polish, the color is by PVD plating color, can be in gold, rose-gold, black, brown, gun, blue color, which guarantee 2 year will not fade color.